Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Political Activism

Jon Monday enlisted in the army in March 1965. After completing his basic training and courses in advanced electronics, he volunteered to become a paratrooper and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division.

As the Vietnam war escalated, Monday turned his attention to becoming a Conscientious Objector, feeling that the war did not reflect the high ideals of America and America's democracy. He refused to participate in the war and eventually he was given a court martial, at which he pointed out that the Nuremberg Trials had established the right and duty of soldiers to object to wars they felt to be illegal and immoral. Monday spent a year in jail and was given a Bad Conduct Discharge. In 1975 Monday was given a full pardon by President Ford, his discharge was changed to a Clemency Discharge, and was awarded a Certificate of Completion by the Selective Service, showing he had fulfilled his duty to his country.

After the start of the Iraq War, Monday joined Veterans For Peace and became active in the San Diego Chapter, giving talks to local colleges, organizing Arlington West memorials, and speaking at anti-war rallies.

In 2004 Monday also became involved with the Fallbrook Democratic Club,becoming a board member and in 2008 was its President. In 2011 he was reelected to the FDC's board as its Vice President for the 2012 term.

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